Item No.: LSW-45-090-4-X-24V
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Extension cable

Machine Vision Ring Light, LSW-45-090-4-X-24V 

Efficient Direct Illumination

LSW SERIES- High Density, Concentrated Light Output

LED arrays are arranged such that the light arrays are concetrated to a spot for extreme bright light.

Using flexible PCB Board, the product quality and efficiency is improved. Flexible boards are able to achieve optimized angle with variation of outer and inner diameter to target a work piece.

Application: substrate inspection, label inspection, flat surface, fiducially recognition

Technical specification:

- Colour: White, Green, Blue, White

- 24V DC Input Power

- Continuous and Strobe Applications

- Compact Size

- Lighting Cable 500mm


Voltage/Watt                                       Current                

24V / 8.28 W (Red)                             345 mA

   24V / 10.44 W (Blue,Green, White)    435 mA 

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